According to a new 2018 Dice report…nearly two-thirds of tech workers aged 40-45 worry their age will hurt their continuing career, a number that skyrockets to nearly 90 percent for those over the age of 50 according to an article in Entrepreneur (see below).

By middle age, far from your retirement time, when you should be enjoying your life and looking forward to earning more for your retirement among other things, a brutal new reality awaits you.

In today’s modern culture our workforce will make 9 out of 10 Americans live in fear for….having gained experience and education. Huh?

This is…America?? Yes, that’s right.

This manufactured discrimination has been growing worse and worse during the 20 years I’ve been working in the talent acquisition industry.

To make matters more abysmal, countless reports today say most Americans are nowhere near being “financially ready” to deal with retirement.

Don’t care about Ageism right now, not your problem? All you’ve got to do is live a healthy life and get to your 40’s and chances are excellent ageism will be knocking on your door.

This is not what a wealthy modern productive society should be doing to its own people.

Don’t let ageism creep up on you.

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